Jumper Mouse!

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Here he is in his new jumper, looking very pleased with himself. So glad to get back to craft again after 3 months of solid work at my other job (event organiser). No wonder this mouse has such a relieved and happy look on his face! The lino I used is called Softcut from Jackson's Art Supplies and I have also recently bought from there some utterly amazing lino cutting tools called Pfeil, which are Swiss made and make everything so much easier and controllable. They are really sharp, which (strangely) makes them a lot safer to use. The cheaper quality ones, being blunter, make you have to press harder, slip, and stab your hand.

Another great place to buy printing supplies is Handprinted.

Jumper Mouse is primarily for printing onto fabric to make purses, but I thought he could double up as a Christmas card too - especially when I thought of the line "Christmouse Jumper". This then led on to an idea for interactive Mouse Christmas Tree Decorations for young children, printed on balsa wood with a little lino printed book to go with them. So that's me all set up for Christmas, and it's not even the end of May yet! Before all that though, it's high time I got back to some more jewellery making...