The Mice are back!

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Mus and Modig are back in town, after having a year off! Since getting on with other things, my return to “Mouse World” has given me a fresh perspective. I found I still loved the story and the characters, so after some tweaks and improvements (including my lovely new cover design and title), I’ve decided to go ahead with the print run this month, if all goes well.

It’s been a real challenge compiling all the text and images into book form ready for printing – I feel as if I’ve just completed a degree in book design! Figuring out what “bleed areas” are, what margins are required and what “embedded text” means. Plus trying to master Photoshop and get it to do what I want. And now I’m finally proficient, it’s frustrating to think that if or when I ever come to do anything like this again, I will have forgotten it all! Must write myself a Photoshop manual…

Here are some “Must Have” people you need in your life if you ever get the mad urge to write a Children’s book:

A husband who believes in every creative thing you try to do. He reads relentlessly and therefore is a canny critic and an eagle-eyed proof reader. He is also a computer expert – that helps. And he cries every time he reads your book.

An adult daughter who, as well as being far cleverer than yourself, has also retained the small, hilarious child she once was and with these two formidable tools has honed your book and pointed out, with ruthless truth, any sub-standard parts (as well as all the amazing bits!)

A best friend who has nagged incessantly for a whole year to make sure your book would not be abandoned and forgotten, like so many of your other creations once you had moved on and become obsessed with the next new project. She knows you so well…

A sister who gets so excited about your book she takes up a whole weekend texting and Whatsapping you ideas, suggestions and praise. She was the one who made you see the magic in Christmas when you were little. She reminds you how much those two kids you both used to be would have loved this book.